A downloadable RWBY Brawl for Windows

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A brawl game with the characters of the Roosterteeth animated series RWBY.

Currently in development. Will have up to 4 player controller acces in the future.

Current build:

Ruby Rose got added.

Note that the frame data is not done and the sprites need updates, feedback is appriciated.

When the semblence bar starts glowwing the semblence can be used for both characters.

VS mode:

When you lose, the game goes into slowmotion and then resets. No notification yet on what player has won.

No character select yet.

Yang is player 1 and Ruby is player 2

1P mode:

The beowolves and nevermore are ready to kill you!(besides their animation)

Feel free to try and get past wave 20.

Same controls as P1 in VS mode.

Current controls:

esc = reset

X + M or P1 start + P2 start = toggel background

Player 1:

(keyboard) WASD or (xbox) Dpad = move

(keyboard) f or (xbox) X + all directions = light attacks

(keyboard) t or (xbox) Y + all directions = heavy attacks

(keyboard) g or (xbox) A = jump & dubbel jump

(keyboard) q or (xbox) LB = guard

(keyboard) h or (xbox) B = semblence

Player 2:

(keyboard) IJKL or (xbox) Dpad = move

(keyboard) left arrow or (xbox) X + all directions = light attacks

(keyboard) up arrow or (xbox) Y + all directions = heavy attacks

(keyboard) down arrow or (xbox) A = jump & dubbel jump

(keyboard) u or (xbox) LB = guard

(keyboard) right arrow or (xbox) B = semblence

Follow my twitter for constand updates and progress of the game. @RWBYBrawl


Published Dec 30, 2016
StatusOn hold
AuthorShiro Kyodo
Tags1p, 1-player, 4-player, brawl, Controller, fighter, Multiplayer, Pixel Art, rwby, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsXbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


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would it be possible to get a unity editable version of this game or even just textures and animations.

PS great work